Brazed Saw Blades
Brazed Saw Blades
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Brazed Small Saw Blades

Electroplated / Brazed Diamond Saw Blades

Adopt the Brazing technology.

Fast Cutting and Saving small cutting saw blade

Wet and Dry cutting at the same time.

Electroplated / Brazed Diamond Saw Blades

Electroplated or Brazed diamond saw blades is a new technology compare the traditional sintering saw blade.It is only electroplated or brazed diamond,not containing any other metal powder.

Compare the sintered diamond saw blade,the electroplated or brazed saw blade is sharper,faster cutting.It can be used to mixed - cut granite,marble,onyx,glass together,also it can be used to mixed - cut by water or without water.

Compare the electroplated saw blade,the brazed saw blade’s cutting life will be longer.

Size Information

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